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The history of the United States started with the arrival of Native Americans in North America around 15,000 BC. … In 1776, in Philadelphia, the Second Continental Congress declared the independence of the colonies as the “United States“. Led by General George Washington, it won the Revolutionary War.

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Simple guide on how to drive a car. 


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The Secret to Success. I read this book a few weeks back and just now had time to get to writing up a review.

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A beautiful explanation of feelings shown through colour as one little boy navigates a range of emotions – from happiness and excitement to hope and love, all on his way to present a gift to his mum.

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The Sonnet

Shakespeare’s sonnets are poems written by William Shakespeare on a variety of themes. When discussing or referring to Shakespeare’s sonnets, it is almost …


Publisher: Thomas Thorpe
Language: Early Modern English


Publication date: 1609

Genre: Renaissance poetry

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The Tempest is a play by English playwright William Shakespeare, probably written in 1610–1611, and thought to be one of the last plays that Shakespeare wrote alone.


Country: England
Editors: Edward Blount and ‎Isaac Jaggard‎
Illustrator: London
Genre: Shakespearean comedy; ‎Tragicomedy‎

‎The Tempest (2010 film) · ‎The Tempest (1979 film) · ‎Scene from Shakespeare’s…

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Beowulf is an Old English epic poem consisting of 3,182 alliterative lines. It is one of the most important and most often translated works of Old English literature.


First printed edition: Thorkelin (1815)‎
Date: disputed (c. 700–1000 AD)
Language: West Saxon dialect of Old English
Manuscript(s): Cotton Vitellius A. xv (c. 975–10…‎

‎On Translating Beowulf · ‎Category:Beowulf · ‎List of Beowulf characters · ‎Grendel

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Antony and Cleopatra (First Folio title: The Tragedie of Anthonie, and Cleopatra) is a tragedy by William Shakespeare. The play was first performed, by the King’s Men, at either the Blackfriars Theatre or the Globe Theatre in around 1607; its first appearance in print was in the Folio of 1623.

‎1972 film · ‎Category · ‎Opera

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Miss Purity Ring Free E-book


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(Children Classics)

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(Children’s Classic)

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The Prince and the Pauper

(Children’s Classic)

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The Reluctant Dragon

(Children’s Classic)

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Amazing Worksheet for Beginners and Upper Elementary

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Sixth grade math

IXL offers hundreds of sixth grade math skills to explore and learn! Not sure where to start? Go to your personalized Recommendations wall and choose a skill that looks interesting!

A.Whole numbers

  1. 1Place values in whole numbers
  2. 2Writing numbers in words: convert words to digits
  3. 3Writing numbers in words: convert digits to words
  4. 4Spell word names for numbers up to one million
  5. 5Roman numerals
  6. 6Add and subtract whole numbers
  7. 7Add and subtract whole numbers: word problems


  1. 1Multiply whole numbers
  2. 2Multiply whole numbers: word problems
  3. 3Multiply whole numbers with four or more digits
  4. 4Multiply numbers ending in zeroes
  5. 5Multiply numbers ending in zeroes: word problems
  6. 6Multiply three or more numbers
  7. 7Multiply three or more numbers: word problems
  8. 8Estimate products


  1. 1Divisibility rules
  2. 2Division patterns with zeroes
  3. 3Divide numbers ending in zeroes: word problems
  4. 4Estimate quotients
  5. 5Divide whole numbers – 2-digit divisors
  6. 6Divide whole numbers – 3-digit divisors


  1. 1Write multiplication expressions using exponents
  2. 2Evaluate exponents
  3. 3Write powers of ten with exponents
  4. 4Find the missing exponent or base
  5. 5Exponents with decimal bases
  6. 6Exponents with fractional bases

E.Number theory

  1. 1Convert between standard and scientific notation
  2. 2Compare numbers written in scientific notation
  3. 3Prime or composite
  4. 4Identify factors
  5. 5Find all the factor pairs of a number
  6. 6Prime factorization
  7. 7Prime factorization with exponents
  8. 8Greatest common factor
  9. 9Greatest common factor of three or four numbers
  10. 10Least common multiple
  11. 11Least common multiple of three or four numbers
  12. 12GCF and LCM: word problems
  13. 13Sort factors of numerical expressions
  14. 14Classify numbers


  1. 1What decimal number is illustrated?
  2. 2Decimal place values
  3. 3Word names for decimal numbers
  4. 4Put decimal numbers in order
  5. 5Inequalities with decimals
  6. 6Round decimals
  7. 7Round whole numbers and decimals: find the missing digit
  8. 8Decimal number lines
  9. 9Repeating decimals

G.Add and subtract decimals

  1. 1Add and subtract decimal numbers
  2. 2Add and subtract decimals: word problems
  3. 3Estimate sums and differences of decimals
  4. 4Maps with decimal distances

H.Multiply and divide decimals

  1. 1Estimate products of decimal numbers
  2. 2Multiply decimals
  3. 3Inequalities with decimal multiplication
  4. 4Divide decimals by whole numbers
  5. 5Divide decimals by whole numbers: word problems
  6. 6Multiply and divide decimals by powers of ten
  7. 7Division with decimal quotients
  8. 8Inequalities with decimal division
  9. 9Multiply and divide decimals: word problems

I.Fractions and mixed numbers

  1. 1Fractions on number lines
  2. 2Understanding fractions: word problems
  3. 3Equivalent fractions review
  4. 4Write fractions in lowest terms
  5. 5Least common denominator
  6. 6Compare fractions with like and unlike denominators
  7. 7Compare fractions: word problems
  8. 8Convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers
  9. 9Convert fractions to decimals
  10. 10Convert decimals to fractions
  11. 11Convert between decimals and fractions
  12. 12Convert between decimals and mixed numbers
  13. 13Put a mix of decimals and fractions in order
  14. 14Put a mix of decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers in order
  15. 15Understand fractions as division: word problems

J.Add and subtract fractions

  1. 1Add and subtract fractions with like denominators
  2. 2Add and subtract fractions with like denominators: word problems
  3. 3Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators
  4. 4Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators: word problems
  5. 5Inequalities with addition and subtraction of like and unlike fractions
  6. 6Add and subtract mixed numbers
  7. 7Add and subtract mixed numbers: word problems
  8. 8Estimate sums and differences of mixed numbers
  9. 9Maps with fractional distances

K.Multiply fractions

  1. 1Fractions of whole numbers I
  2. 2Fractions of whole numbers II
  3. 3Fractions of a number: word problems
  4. 4Estimate products of fractions and whole numbers
  5. 5Multiply two fractions using models
  6. 6Multiply two fractions
  7. 7Multiply fractions: word problems
  8. 8Scaling whole numbers by fractions: justify your answer
  9. 9Scaling by fractions and mixed numbers
  10. 10Multiply three or more fractions and whole numbers
  11. 11Estimate products of mixed numbers
  12. 12Multiply mixed numbers and whole numbers
  13. 13Multiply mixed numbers
  14. 14Multiply mixed numbers: word problems
  15. 15Multiply three or more mixed numbers, fractions, and/or whole numbers

L.Divide fractions

  1. 1Divide whole numbers by unit fractions using models
  2. 2Reciprocals
  3. 3Divide whole numbers and unit fractions
  4. 4Divide fractions by whole numbers in recipes
  5. 5Divide fractions
  6. 6Estimate quotients when dividing mixed numbers
  7. 7Divide fractions and mixed numbers
  8. 8Divide fractions and mixed numbers: word problems


  1. 1Understanding integers
  2. 2Integers on number lines
  3. 3Graph integers on horizontal and vertical number lines
  4. 4Understanding opposite integers
  5. 5Understanding absolute value
  6. 6Absolute value
  7. 7Compare integers
  8. 8Put integers in order
  9. 9Integer inequalities with absolute values
  10. 10Absolute value and integers: word problems

N.Operations with integers

  1. 1Add integers using counters
  2. 2Add integers using number lines
  3. 3Add integers
  4. 4Subtract integers using counters
  5. 5Subtract integers using number lines
  6. 6Subtract integers
  7. 7Add and subtract integers: find the sign
  8. 8Add and subtract integers: word problems
  9. 9Add and subtract integers: input/output tables
  10. 10Add three or more integers
  11. 11Multiply integers: find the sign
  12. 12Multiply integers
  13. 13Divide integers: find the sign
  14. 14Divide integers

O.Mixed operations

  1. 1Add, subtract, multiply, or divide two whole numbers
  2. 2Add, subtract, multiply, or divide two whole numbers: word problems
  3. 3Evaluate numerical expressions involving whole numbers
  4. 4Identify mistakes involving the order of operations
  5. 5Add, subtract, multiply, or divide two decimals
  6. 6Add, subtract, multiply, or divide two decimals: word problems
  7. 7Evaluate numerical expressions involving decimals
  8. 8Add, subtract, multiply, or divide two fractions
  9. 9Add, subtract, multiply, or divide two fractions: word problems
  10. 10Evaluate numerical expressions involving fractions
  11. 11Add, subtract, multiply, or divide two integers
  12. 12Evaluate numerical expressions involving integers

P.Rational numbers

  1. 1Rational numbers on number lines
  2. 2Rational numbers: equal or not equal
  3. 3Compare and order rational numbers using number lines
  4. 4Compare rational numbers
  5. 5Put rational numbers in order
  6. 6Compare and order rational numbers: word problems
  7. 7Opposites of rational numbers
  8. 8Absolute value of rational numbers
  9. 9Add and subtract rational numbers
  10. 10Multiply and divide rational numbers
  11. 11Rational numbers: find the sign

Q.Problem solving and estimation

  1. 1Estimate to solve word problems
  2. 2Multi-step word problems
  3. 3Multi-step word problems: identify reasonable answers
  4. 4Word problems with extra or missing information
  5. 5Guess-and-check word problems
  6. 6Distance/direction to starting point
  7. 7Use logical reasoning to find the order

R.Ratios and rates

  1. 1Write a ratio
  2. 2Write a ratio using a fraction
  3. 3Write a ratio: word problems
  4. 4Which model represents the ratio?
  5. 5Identify equivalent ratios
  6. 6Write an equivalent ratio
  7. 7Ratio tables
  8. 8Equivalent ratios: word problems
  9. 9Unit rates
  10. 10Equivalent rates
  11. 11Ratios and rates: complete a table and make a graph
  12. 12Use tape diagrams to solve ratio word problems
  13. 13Compare ratios: word problems
  14. 14Compare rates: word problems
  15. 15Ratios and rates: word problems
  16. 16Do the ratios form a proportion?
  17. 17Solve the proportion
  18. 18Identify proportional relationships from graphs
  19. 19Identify proportional relationships from tables
  20. 20Identify proportional relationships by graphing
  21. 21Interpret graphs of proportional relationships
  22. 22Scale drawings: word problems


  1. 1What percentage is illustrated?
  2. 2Understanding percents: strip models
  3. 3Convert fractions to percents using grid models
  4. 4Convert between percents, fractions, and decimals
  5. 5Convert between percents, fractions, and decimals: word problems
  6. 6Compare percents to each other and to fractions
  7. 7Compare percents and fractions: word problems
  8. 8Solve percent problems using grid models
  9. 9Solve percent problems using strip models
  10. 10Percents of numbers and money amounts
  11. 11Percents of numbers: word problems
  12. 12Percents of numbers – with fractional and decimal percents
  13. 13Find what percent one number is of another
  14. 14Find what percent one number is of another: word problems
  15. 15Find the total given a part and a percent
  16. 16Solve percent problems
  17. 17Solve percent word problems

T.Units of measurement

  1. 1Estimate customary measurements
  2. 2Estimate metric measurements
  3. 3Convert and compare customary units
  4. 4Convert, compare, add, and subtract mixed customary units
  5. 5Multiply and divide mixed customary units
  6. 6Customary unit conversions involving fractions and mixed numbers
  7. 7Convert and compare metric units
  8. 8Convert between customary and metric systems
  9. 9Compare temperatures above and below zero
  10. 10Convert between Celsius and Fahrenheit


  1. 1Find the number of each type of coin
  2. 2Add and subtract money amounts
  3. 3Add and subtract money amounts: word problems
  4. 4Multiply money by whole numbers and decimals
  5. 5Multiply money: word problems
  6. 6Divide money amounts
  7. 7Divide money amounts: word problems

V.Consumer math

  1. 1Which is the better coupon?
  2. 2Unit prices
  3. 3Unit prices with fractions and decimals
  4. 4Unit prices with customary unit conversions
  5. 5Sale prices
  6. 6Sale prices: find the original price
  7. 7Percents – calculate tax, tip, mark-up, and more
  8. 8Simple interest


  1. 1Elapsed time
  2. 2Time units
  3. 3Find start and end times

X.Coordinate plane

  1. 1Objects on a coordinate plane
  2. 2Graph points on a coordinate plane
  3. 3Quadrants
  4. 4Coordinate planes as maps
  5. 5Distance between two points
  6. 6Follow directions on a coordinate plane
  7. 7Area and perimeter of squares and rectangles on the coordinate plane

Y.Expressions and properties

  1. 1Write variable expressions: one operation
  2. 2Write variable expressions: two operations
  3. 3Write variable expressions: word problems
  4. 4Evaluate variable expressions with whole numbers
  5. 5Evaluate multi-variable expressions
  6. 6Evaluate variable expressions with decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers
  7. 7Evaluate variable expressions: word problems
  8. 8Identify terms and coefficients
  9. 9Sort factors of variable expressions
  10. 10Identify equivalent expressions using strip models
  11. 11Properties of addition
  12. 12Properties of multiplication
  13. 13Multiply using the distributive property
  14. 14Factor using the distributive property
  15. 15Solve for a variable using properties of multiplication
  16. 16Write equivalent expressions using properties
  17. 17Add and subtract like terms
  18. 18Identify equivalent expressions I
  19. 19Identify equivalent expressions II

Z.One-variable equations

  1. 1Does x satisfy an equation?
  2. 2Which x satisfies an equation?
  3. 3Write an equation from words
  4. 4Identify expressions and equations
  5. 5Model and solve equations using algebra tiles
  6. 6Write and solve equations that represent diagrams
  7. 7Solve one-step addition and subtraction equations with whole numbers
  8. 8Solve one-step multiplication and division equations with whole numbers
  9. 9Solve one-step equations with whole numbers
  10. 10Solve one-step addition and subtraction equations with decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers
  11. 11Solve one-step multiplication and division equations with decimals, fractions, and whole numbers
  12. 12Solve one-step addition and subtraction equations: word problems
  13. 13Solve one-step multiplication and division equations: word problems
  14. 14Write a one-step equation: word problems
  15. 15Solve one-step equations: word problems
  16. 16Which word problem matches the one-step equation?
  17. 17Solve one-step equations involving integers
  18. 18Solve equations involving like terms
  19. 19Solve two-step equations

AA.One-variable inequalities

  1. 1Solutions to inequalities
  2. 2Graph inequalities on number lines
  3. 3Write inequalities from number lines
  4. 4Solve one-step inequalities
  5. 5Graph solutions to one-step inequalities
  6. 6One-step inequalities: word problems

BB.Two-variable equations

  1. 1Does (x, y) satisfy an equation?
  2. 2Identify independent and dependent variables in tables and graphs
  3. 3Write an equation from a graph using a table
  4. 4Identify independent and dependent variables: word problems
  5. 5Find a value using two-variable equations
  6. 6Find a value using two-variable equations: word problems
  7. 7Solve word problems by finding two-variable equations
  8. 8Complete a table for a two-variable relationship
  9. 9Write a two-variable equation from a table
  10. 10Write a two-variable equation
  11. 11Identify the graph of an equation
  12. 12Complete a table and graph a two-variable equation
  13. 13Graph a two-variable equation
  14. 14Interpret a graph: word problems

CC.Two-dimensional figures

  1. 1Identify and classify polygons
  2. 2Measure and classify angles
  3. 3Estimate angle measurements
  4. 4Classify triangles
  5. 5Triangle inequality
  6. 6Identify trapezoids
  7. 7Classify quadrilaterals
  8. 8Graph triangles and quadrilaterals
  9. 9Find missing angles in triangles
  10. 10Find missing angles in special triangles
  11. 11Find missing angles in quadrilaterals
  12. 12Sums of angles in polygons
  13. 13Lines, line segments, and rays
  14. 14Name angles
  15. 15Complementary and supplementary angles
  16. 16Identify complementary, supplementary, vertical, adjacent, and congruent angles
  17. 17Find measures of complementary, supplementary, vertical, and adjacent angles

DD.Symmetry and transformations

  1. 1Line symmetry
  2. 2Rotational symmetry
  3. 3Rotational symmetry: amount of rotation
  4. 4Reflection, rotation, and translation
  5. 5Similar and congruent figures
  6. 6Find side lengths of similar figures

EE.Three-dimensional figures

  1. 1Identify polyhedra
  2. 2Which figure is being described?
  3. 3Nets of three-dimensional figures
  4. 4Front, side, and top view

FF.Geometric measurement

  1. 1Perimeter
  2. 2Area of rectangles and squares
  3. 3Understanding area of a parallelogram
  4. 4Area of parallelograms
  5. 5Understanding area of a triangle
  6. 6Area of triangles
  7. 7Understanding area of a trapezoid
  8. 8Area of trapezoids
  9. 9Area of rhombuses
  10. 10Area of quadrilaterals
  11. 11Area of compound figures
  12. 12Area of compound figures with triangles
  13. 13Area between two rectangles
  14. 14Area between two triangles
  15. 15Rectangles: relationship between perimeter and area
  16. 16Compare area and perimeter of two figures
  17. 17Area of quadrilaterals and triangles: word problems
  18. 18Volume of cubes and rectangular prisms
  19. 19Volume of cubes and rectangular prisms with fractional side lengths
  20. 20Volume of cubes and rectangular prisms: word problems
  21. 21Surface area of cubes and rectangular prisms
  22. 22Volume of triangular prisms
  23. 23Surface area of triangular prisms
  24. 24Surface area of pyramids
  25. 25Relate volume and surface area

GG.Data and graphs

  1. 1Interpret pictographs
  2. 2Create pictographs
  3. 3Interpret line plots
  4. 4Create line plots
  5. 5Create and interpret line plots with fractions
  6. 6Create frequency charts
  7. 7Interpret categorical data
  8. 8Create relative frequency tables
  9. 9Interpret bar graphs
  10. 10Create bar graphs
  11. 11Create percent bar graphs
  12. 12Interpret double bar graphs
  13. 13Create double bar graphs
  14. 14Interpret histograms
  15. 15Create histograms
  16. 16Interpret circle graphs
  17. 17Interpret line graphs
  18. 18Create line graphs
  19. 19Interpret double line graphs
  20. 20Create double line graphs
  21. 21Interpret stem-and-leaf plots
  22. 22Create stem-and-leaf plots
  23. 23Box plots


  1. 1Identify statistical questions
  2. 2Calculate mean, median, mode, and range
  3. 3Interpret charts and graphs to find mean, median, mode, and range
  4. 4Mean, median, mode, and range: find the missing number
  5. 5Changes in mean, median, mode, and range
  6. 6Calculate mean absolute deviation
  7. 7Calculate quartiles and interquartile range
  8. 8Identify an outlier
  9. 9Identify an outlier and describe the effect of removing it
  10. 10Describe distributions in line plots
  11. 11Identify representative, random, and biased samples


  1. 1Counting principle
  2. 2Probability of one event
  3. 3Make predictions
  4. 4Probability of simple events and opposite events

JJ.Financial literacy

  1. 1Compare checking accounts
  2. 2Check registers
  3. 3Debit cards and credit cards
  4. 4Credit reports
  5. 5Paying for college
  6. 6Occupations, education, and income
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