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Information about our June 2021 exam series timetables

Most of our schools tell us they want to hold exams during the same period as previous years. If we move the timetable for one country, students in other countries would be disadvantaged – they would miss university admissions deadlines, or take exams long after the school year has ended. The June 2021 exam series timetable is therefore in line with previous years.

Schools in different countries face different challenges. Some have reopened and are now teaching full timetables with no disruption. Others are open but face the disruption of new restrictions and possibly reduced teaching and learning. Other schools have been closed for some time and will remain closed for some time to come, with significant loss of teaching and learning.

We have already published a range of adaptations for March and June 2021 exams to support schools and students.

We are looking urgently at what more support we can give schools who have lost valuable teaching time as a result of the pandemic, and we will give more information in early December.

All our centres are allocated to one of six administrative zones. Each zone has a specific timetable (available to download below). The timetable for schools in the UK is also available on this page.

It is essential that you use the correct version of the timetable for your zone. If you are unsure which administrative zone your school is in, please check by going to the administrative zone section.

Centres are responsible for making sure they use the correct version of the timetable. We cannot accept responsibility for candidates who miss an exam because they have consulted the timetable for the wrong administrative zone.

Administrative Zone 1

Download “june-2021-timetable-zone-1.pdf” june-2021-timetable-zone-1.pdf – Downloaded 5 times – 545 KB

Download “zone-1-november-timetable.pdf” zone-1-november-timetable.pdf – Downloaded 7 times – 780 KB


Administrative Zone 2

Download “june-2021-timetable-zone-2.pdf” june-2021-timetable-zone-2.pdf – Downloaded 8 times – 546 KB

Download “zone-2-november-timetable.pdf” zone-2-november-timetable.pdf – Downloaded 8 times – 771 KB



Administrative Zone 3

For UK Centres, see the UK timetable at the top of the list.

Download “june-2021-timetable-zone-3-uk-only.pdf” june-2021-timetable-zone-3-uk-only.pdf – Downloaded 7 times – 626 KB

Download “zone-3-november-timetable-uk-only.pdf” zone-3-november-timetable-uk-only.pdf – Downloaded 9 times – 946 KB



Administrative Zone 4

Download “june-2021-timetable-zone-4.pdf” june-2021-timetable-zone-4.pdf – Downloaded 7 times – 835 KB

Download “zone-4-november-2timetable.pdf” zone-4-november-2timetable.pdf – Downloaded 18 times – 848 KB


Administrative Zone 5

Download “june-2021-timetable-zone-5.pdf” june-2021-timetable-zone-5.pdf – Downloaded 7 times – 754 KB

Download “zone-5-november-timetable.pdf” zone-5-november-timetable.pdf – Downloaded 7 times – 829 KB



Administrative Zone 6

Download “june-2021-timetable-zone-6.pdf” june-2021-timetable-zone-6.pdf – Downloaded 8 times – 546 KB

Download “zone-6-november-timetable.pdf” zone-6-november-timetable.pdf – Downloaded 6 times – 768 KB, pub-7984069377933592, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0