Forty-one-year-old Adetola Ariori, a Fine Artist based in Ibadan, Oyo State, who has been down with a debilitating health condition, has called for financial assistance to enable him undergo a kidney transplant.

Medical report from a Renal Dialysis Centre in the country stated that Ariori, an Ordinary National Diploma holder from The Polytechnic, Ibadan, has been on twice to thrice weekly maintenance of haemodialysis for the past two years on account of an end-stage renal disease.

As of November last year, he already had more than 95 excruciating sessions of dialysis with routine investigations.

Dr Olatise Olalekan of Zenith Medical and Kidney Centre, Abuja listed the cost of the transplant as of January as N7.3million for surgery; N1.05million for crossmatch and other screening; N1.08million for pre-transplant dialysis and medication; N1.6million for pre-transplant admission for six weeks; N460,000 for physiotherapy; N2.9million for immunosuppressant drugs for one year; N546,000 for laboratory investigations for one year; and N135,000 consultations.

In an interview with our correspondent, Ariori said he got to know about his medical condition when he was down with severe and unabating headache. He was diagnosed with serious hypertension. When his condition degenerated, he went for further medical checkup which confirmed that he had a severe kidney disease.

Ariori, father of three, said, “I am a chronic kidney disease patient. It has been on now for close to two years. I have been in and out of hospital trying to manage it. It started with constant headache. I went to the clinic to check my blood pressure. I was advised to start to take care of myself. I was in and out of hospital. The doctor told me that I am at the end-stage of this condition.

“I discovered that I was hypertensive at the age of 39. I had not broken down and ended in the hospital. I adhered to the doctor’s instruction in order to get out of the condition. The doctor said that an infection from my childhood led to it. It is not a comfortable situation. To sleep is very difficult. It is difficult to eat, I experience continuous vomiting. It is so tasking for me to move from one place to the other.

“My dialysis is two to three times a week. The cost of a session is roughly N30,000 minus the weekly injections is between N45,000 and N60,000 a month but really, I can’t say how many of it that I have done. The doctor said that a transplant is the final solution to the dialysis.”

Ariori, who said his family and friends are working hard to raise the money, however said it was difficult to save up to the N15.1million amount required for the surgery as they continued to spend on dialysis, injection and routine investigations. Asked how much more would be needed for the session, he said N8million.

“So far so good, people from home and abroad have supported me and my family up to this point. We still need more to be able to do the transplant,” he said.

Fadeke, his mother, who expressed shock on his son’s health condition, said, “My son doesn’t smoke and he doesn’t drink but unfortunately, he was diagnosed as having kidney problem. We have been going all around. We are handicapped so we have been going about soliciting for money. We went to the Alake of Egbaland and the Ooni of Ife and they gave us support, likewise his church.”

She said that until he came down with kidney disease, he had never been hospitalized. “I want to beg everybody to have mercy upon my son. He is a promising child,” she said.

His wife, Cynthia, who described her husband as a hard-working and loving man, said life has been very difficult since her husband was diagnosed with the condition. Cynthia, who said they have been married for 10 years, stated that her hubby had been very healthy until two years ago. She said, “It started in June 2019 when he complained of severe headache. We call for help to enable do the transplant in order for him to return to active life.”


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