In this interview with ENIOLA AKINKUOTU, the President of the Student Union Government of the Kwara State University talks about his encounter with policemen

 Can you share with us your experience with policemen?

I am a student of Linguistics at Kwara State University. I was on my way to Ilorin from Ikorodu in August. We got to a place in Sagamu after Ogijo where we were stopped by some police officers. They asked us all to come down. We were five and after checking others’ phones, he asked them to go and instructed that I should step aside. He asked me to unlock my phone and I did. He searched it and asked if I play “game”. I said no and he started threatening me. He went as far as trying to use stick to beat me. I showed him my identity card as the Students’ Union President of KWASU

What did the policeman say when you showed them your identity card?

He told me to take the identity card away as it’s not useful in this context.  He asked me to settle him and leave. I told him I haven’t committed any offence. So, I have no reasons to settle or pay him. He asked where I got the money to buy IPhone Xmax. I told him that I’m a Forex trader and he said that Forex is a game too. He said that anybody who uses IPhone is a scammer. He delayed us for close to two hours. During these hours, they stopped many cars as possible, harassed and extorted the youths.

What did he say was his grouse with IPhone users?

He won’t let anyone who uses iPhone leave without having collected money from them. A passenger tried to record the scenario and when the officer got to know, he beat him and asked him to pay before he can free him. It was after I paid him N5, 000 before he freed the guy and I. I wonder what the security system of our dear country is turning to. The securities who are meant to protect the citizens are the ones terrorizing us. Youths keep lamenting everyday about the harassment and extortion we face from the security agencies and the government are acting as if they are not aware. It will get to a stage where youths won’t be able to tolerate callous and shameful act anymore. I wonder what has become of this country. Tragic!

Were you able to get the names of the policemen?

I didn’t get the officers’ names. All of them were putting on clothes that did not display their names.

Do you know the exact station they came from?

From the picture taken, they’re from Sagamu Division. Their patrol van didn’t have number plate too

Oluwadairo Olalekan Henry


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